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Carrier Furnace Trade-In Program

Carrier Furnace Trade-In Program

The Carrier furnace trade-in program offers consumers or homeowners an alternative to replacing a damaged secondary heat exchanger with significant allowances on carrier model furnaces. It is important to note that only the heat exchanger is replaced. This program allows homeowners to apply for a new Carrier furnace which is an upgrade at significant savings hence enhancing customer satisfaction.

To get the trade-in allowance, the dealers apply online on behalf of the consumers. The consumers issue the dealers with contact information here, including a valid email address. A-Plus Quality Heating and Cooling services in Toronto offers assistance in a Carrier furnace trade-in program.

Eligibility and Requirements

The eligible furnaces for the HVAC services program include:
- Infinix series 59MN7- $900
- Infinix series 59TN6 - $800
- Performance series 59TP6 - $700

The requirements of this program include:
-The terms of the enhanced secondary heat exchanger warranty must be observed for the dealer to exchange or repair the cracked heat exchanger.
- Trade-in allowance is offered only on Carrier furnace models 58 series and the Payne brand condensing gas furnace models 490a and PG9M.

It is important to note that the program is offered only in cases where consumers have a failed secondary heat exchanger that qualifies for warranty repair. It means that the program is not meant to be an active consumer promotion.


The end date for the 2021-2022 program is 30 April 2022.

Benefits Of The Program

- With the help of A-Plus Quality HVAC services in Toronto, homeowners can replace the heat exchanger instead of doing away with the whole system hence significant savings.
- The program offers a warranty to consumers.
- A Carrier HVAC system is long-lasting because it lasts from 15 to 25 years.
- Replacing a furnace heat exchanger takes only eight hours.
- The program gives consumers the option of receiving unit trade-in allowances for more than one purchase of the same product in a case where a particular home has two gas furnaces that have had secondary heat exchanger failures.

Other eligibility requirements and restrictions may apply. Call us today for the details and we will be happy to assist you with your Carrier Furnace Trade-In Program.

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Client Testimonials

  • We had an urgent venting issue that meant our gas line was turned off until it could be resolved, so we needed immediate support so we could have heat/hot water in our house again. Their office called me within 30 mins of my request on Home Stars and were super communicative throughout. Ronnie and his partner who came this morning were incredibly informative, kind, and answered all our questions (not to mention very respectful of our home by putting on shoe covers when they came inside). Their excellent and timely work meant our problem was resolved in under 18 hours from the time the issue was identified. Highly recommend!

    Taylor Whittamore
    a month ago
  • I don't usually leave reviews. I was enthusiastic to leave one for A Plus Quality Inc. It's a shame that other companies don't exist like Shaq and his team. They are genuinely the good ol' fashioned group that take care and service your needs from end to end. I'd be happy to recommend them to family, friends and collegues. Thank you and Happy Holidays! - Anthony

    Exclusively Audi
    3 months ago
  • Overall very happy with service and installation. Pricing was reasonable and the technician was very quick and completed the job sooner than expected. Good first experience with this company.

    Nick Robins
    4 months ago
  • My furnace stopped working on the coldest day of the year! I called them and they had a guy at my door within two hours. Overall a great experience with very professional service . As a new homeowner they were amazing at providing some good advice on how to maintain my unit, filter etc things I didn’t really know and also other tips throughout the house .

    Chris Bone
    a year ago
  • ''A Plus Quality Inc/Heating and Cooling Services'' bailed me out of a difficult situation. My furnace quit with -18C° temperatures at 8pm on a Saturday. We had an infant at home and the house was cooling dramatically. By 10pm one of their technicians, Jack arrived and was able to show me how dangerous my situation really was. By 10am Sunday morning another technician, Dave began the installation of a new furnace. Shortly after, Jack joined in. Each gentleman was friendly, informative and answered all subsequent questions. Thank you for going above and beyond. Would highly recommend both technicians and the company they represent.

    Michael Mandal
    a year ago

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The Carrier furnace trade-in program offers consumers or homeowners an alternative to replacing a damaged secondary heat exchanger with significant allowances on carrier model furnaces. It is important to note that only the heat exchanger is...

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