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Why Does My Air Filter Get Dirty So Fast?

May 21, 2021

Why Does My Air Filter Get Dirty So Fast?

Your HVAC air filter plays an essential role in keeping the air clean and healthy in your home. Thus, it is crucial to understand when it’s time to replace the old dirty air filter with a new air filter on a regular basis. On average, an air filter should be replaced every 30 to 90 days. The frequency of changing your air filter depends on many factors such as if you have pets in the home, if you have allergies, and if you have children. If you find that you are always replacing your air filter more often than usual, it may be helpful to understand why. With that being said, here are the top reasons why your air filter may be getting dirty so fast.

Using Products in the Home that Produce Soot

Sometimes the air filter in your home may need to be changed more often than others. This is especially true in the rooms where you or your family members burn candles or operate gas water heaters throughout the year. Also, since soot is a by-product of both of these activities, you need to know what you can do to minimize these issues well in advance. For example, you may want to only burn candles that have been made from all-natural ingredients (i.e. soy, vegetable oils, etc). 

Thermostat is Set to “On”

If your thermostat is set to “on”, this means that your fan is running non-stop, even if your home is not being heated or cooled. A frequently running system means that more dust, dirt, and other contaminates are being caught. This may seem like a positive thing because contaminates are being filtered out, but it will require your filter to be changed more often. It is most recommended to have your thermostat set to “auto” in order for your HVAC system to function when needed. 

Growth of Mold 

Another reason your air filter may getting dirty faster than normal can be due to mold growth. Based on the situation, you may find these issues within the air handler. When this occurs, we recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians from A-Plus Quality, HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area, to inspect your unit and resolve the issue. 

Clogged with Pet Dander

Since pet dander cannot pass effectively or efficiently through your air filters, you need to pay close attention to the air quality problems that they cause. One of the most notable is the state of the air filter after a short period of time. For instance, lack of proper prevention of dirt, dust, and debris. If you have a pet, it is best to change your air filter every month. 

A healthy home requires a clean air filter. If you are experiencing any HVAC issues, our team at A-Plus Quality, HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area, can be of helpful assistance. Contact us today to schedule an HVAC appointment! 

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  • The boiler at our church died in January 2021 and we urgently needed a replacement. A Plus Quality responded right away. Despite the pandemic they managed to order all required parts and install them in about a week (it was a big job). The team was really professional and the price was reasonable. I would highly recommend A Plus Quality.

    Anne Kennedy
    3 weeks ago
  • A Plus Quality Inc gets an A-plus rank for service and installation. The work was well done and the installers were very professional and courteous. The installers deserve an extra thank you for being neat and tidy and respectful of my home.

    nicole dimt
    in the last week
  • A+ from beginning to almost the end. Final cleanup was quite average. Overall experience still good. Very happy with the new furnace. Will have to wait till warmer/hotter weather to see how well the new AC works.

    Thompson Lin
    a month ago
  • First experience was on New Year's Day, 2020, when furnace stopped. Called A-Plus and they had a rep (Jack) out quickly. He did some troubleshooting. He wasn't giving BS. Gave me options on repairing or replacing. Non-biased, no pressure. I chose replace and it was done the next day. Good experience all around. Second experience was early March, 2021 when a harsh chemical smell emanating from the furnace room, and pushed through the HVAC venting, permeated the house. Very concerning. Was late night, called A-Plus, immediately answered and suggested some safety moves for the evening. Booked a visit for the morning. Jack again came and assessed the issue and advised where the smell came from (outside). Again, very professional, quick, no BS, good guy. Completely satisfied with the service after often being given the BS treatment from other service providers for the house. Would definitely recommend.

    Daniel Colombo
    3 months ago
  • I have been getting service for years for the great team at A Plus and they never disappoint. Always quick, responsive and very reliable. Great work. Thanks!

    Craig Watson
    a month ago

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